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  • This website collects no data about you as you browse.
  • This website never shares data about you with anyone because it doesn’t have any, and wouldn’t share it if it did.
  • This website doesn’t set cookies in your browser.
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  • The webserver hosting this website collects standard traffic logs, including your IP address. These logs cannot be disabled as they are required for security and maintenance. Under normal conditions, these logs are deleted every 13 months or sooner. IP addresses associated with abnormal or malicious server activity will be retained indefinitely for the purpose of blocking that IP address.
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  • This site takes proactive steps to ensure that fonts are hosted locally, rather than allowing Google Fonts or other services to obtain your IP address when the font is loaded remotely. To the best of our understanding, this makes the website compliant with the GDPR and UK GDPR.

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This Policy might change in the future. Please check this page for updates.

This Policy was last updated on 1 August 2023.