Transformative Works Statement of Fanwriter Nym

This is the Transformative Works Statement (also known as a Blanket Permission Policy) of fanfiction writer Nym. Nym’s fanworks written between 1995 and 2024 are available online under the pseudonyms Nym and WWitch. This document describes how Nym’s fanworks may be used by other fans in the creation of their own transformative works.

Summary of Policy

  • My ideas – I’m happy for others to use my ideas in fanworks of their own creation.
  • My fanworks – I decide when and where my fanworks are shared with an audience.
  • No commercial or for-profit use of my ideas or fanworks is permitted.
  • I reserve the right to amend and update this Statement at any time.

About Nym

Nym’s Fanfiction at An Archive of Our Own

Nym’s fanfiction can be found at and

Contact Nym

E-mail address: I’ll reply from a different address. This one is just for filtering the occasional human being out from all the spam!

Nym’s Fandoms

Fandoms relevant to Nym’s Transformative Works Statement are Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Good Omens, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Pet Shop of Horrors, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Torchwood, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Young Hercules, Two, Highlander the Series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, VR.5, The Tomorrow People, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: The Original Series, Beauty and the Beast (TV), Blake’s 7, and Robin of Sherwood.

Using Nym’s Original Ideas In Your Own Fanworks

  • No one may use my ideas commercially or in any way that’s for profit. Fanworks are free.
  • I give blanket permission for fellow fans to use my original ideas in creating their own free fanworks.
    • This includes but is not limited to blanket permission to use my original characters, concepts, storylines, headcanons, settings, and worldbuilding.
    • This includes but is not limited to blanket permission to use my ideas in creating remixes, rewrites, fanart, fanvids, recursive fanworks, prequels, sequels, missing scenes, rewrites/fix-its, and AUs.
  • My ideas may be used without informing me or asking for my permission (but I’d really love to know!)
  • My ideas may be used without crediting me or linking to the source fanfic, but I strongly advise you to use good netiquette and credit/link your source at all times, or at least cite my Transformative Works Statement in your disclaimer. Not everybody will be sympathetic to the extensive reuse of another creator’s ideas.
  • The media content on which Nym’s fanworks are based remains the intellectual property of the respective trademark and copyright holders.

If Your Fanwork Needs To Include a Section of Nym’s Text

  • If your fanwork can’t exist without reproducing some of my text—for example, the script of my scene for your POV remix—please contact me so we can agree on a reasonable excerpt. Please tell me how you plan to credit me as the author of those words and link back to the source fanfic.
  • This policy covers the reproduction of more of my text than could be considered fair use, but far less than a whole fanfic’s worth.

Using Nym’s Fanworks

  • I decide when, where, and in what format my fanworks are shared with an audience.
  • If the use you have in mind doesn’t involve an audience—for example, recording a podfic for your own private use or fanbinding a copy to share with a couple of friends—I don’t think it’s any of my business. Please take precautions against your personal copy escaping into the wild, though!

Translating or Podficcing Nym’s Completed Fanworks

  • Thank you for your interest in my fanfiction! I’m flattered that anyone would want to take the time to do this.
  • You must contact me for permission before going ahead with your project.
  • If the fanfiction you’d like to translate/record is completed and polished to my satisfaction, I’ll almost certainly say yes to anyone who seems friendly. I’ll almost certainly say no to anyone rude or pushy.
  • Any translation or podfic must link to my original fanfiction. I’d prefer that the translation or podfic be posted in the same place as my own work, but I am flexible. I understand, for example, that AO3 isn’t a great setup for sharing multimedia files.
  • Any translation or podfic must include a note making it clear that it was done with my written permission, and that its existence does not imply blanket permission for others to translate or record my fanfiction.
  • If changes to the text are needed to smooth the translation or voice performance, I’ll gladly make them if I’m well enough. If you prefer to make necessary changes yourself, that’s fine, but please make this clear in the notes when posting for an audience.
  • I reserve the right to refuse permission for a translation or podfic without giving my reasons.

Translating or Podficcing Nym’s Works in Progress

  • Thank you, but no. Please wait until the piece is finished. No exceptions. I’m twitchy enough about having my own copy of a WIP online!
  • The three WIP pieces (that I know of) that already exist online in translation were done without my consent, and in one case after I’d explicitly refused my permission. The existence of those translations does not imply my blanket permission for others to translate or podfic my works in progress.


  • As I understand it, fanbinding is a personal project and the resulting volumes are not shared with an audience. At most, people produce copies for a couple of friends or as a personal gift. If that’s accurate, I think it’s none of my business (other than being flattered!) but I’ve been asked to specifically include fanbinding in my Policy.
  • I give my blessing to anyone wishing to format, print, bind, and store a personal copy of my work, and to produce a couple of extra copies to be given as gifts or shared at production cost with a couple of friends.
  • It’s fine to use third-party printing and binding services for this purpose. If uploading a digital copy of my fanfiction to the internet for editing, formatting, typesetting, or printing, please ensure that it’s deleted when the printing is done, and password protected until then.
  • Do not share any digital copy with an audience, or offer printed copies for distribution.

Thank you for reading. If I’ve left out the kind of use you had in mind please don’t hesitate to e-mail me.


This document was last revised on 15 May 2024